#2 Trusting AI-Enabled Medical Devices in Critical Healthcare Decisions.

As someone who has witnessed the impact of AI technology in the healthcare field, I find myself contemplating the trustworthiness of AI-enabled medical devices in critical healthcare decisions. Recently, my friend underwent orthopaedic surgery, where a medical device equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) technology played a crucial role. This experience has sparked a curiosity within me and a desire to explore the community’s perspective on trusting AI in critical healthcare scenarios.

When it comes to critical healthcare decisions, the level of trust in AI can vary. This poll aims to understand your perspective on trusting AI in these crucial situations. Please take a moment to participate and share your thoughts.

Your perspective matters! Please select the option from the poll below that represent your stance on entrusting an AI-enabled medical device with critical healthcare decisions. Feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, or any additional insights in the comments. Let’s engage in a meaningful discussion on the role of AI in healthcare decision-making!

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